New Zealand Warriors v Sydney City Roosters

March 24th, Ericsson Stadium

The Warriors beat the Roosters 21-14 on a hot Auckland day despite having only 3 players on the bench for most of the match due to Shontayne Hape being stretchered of in the first 5 minutes.

Clinton Toopi started in the #18 Jersey with Koopu being put on the bench and Famuina being dropped from the side.

The Warriors started strongly and at half time were leading 14-4 thanks to tries to Lauiti'iti, Meli and John Carlaw. In the second half the Warriors were noticeably tiring but held on with another Lauiti'iti try and a Jones Field Goal.

Sydney City backs, Ryan Cross and Shannon Hegarty combined to botch two certain tries for the Roosters and for once the touch judge seemed to be on our side. I still can't work out why Bill Harrigan is meant to be the NRL's best ref though.

PJ Marsh had a good game as did John Carlaw playing out of position at wing. All the props gave the Roosters problems as did Lauiti'iti.