New Zealand Warriors v Newcastle Knights

April 1, Ericsson Stadium

It all started bad when Murphy replaced Campion (Carlaw to center, Koopu to lock). Then Betham was down injured and the Knights had there first points.

Brent Webb replaced Betham but the Warriors were leaderless with out Campion and Betham and didn't look like winning after Betham left the field. Carlaw was knocked out in the second half after a mid-air collision and Palea'asina had a leg injury. At one stage Villasanti was the only Warrior on the bench and he had about four rolls of tape around his elbow.

Mander had a crap game, putting SeuSeu on report, and he was supported by Ericsson stadiums favourite touch judge,.

The Major highlight for the Warriors was Brent Webb scoring a try on debut. The Warriors lacked a leader but full credit to the Knights who have an excellent side.