Dr Alan M. McIvor

Work Experience

Reveal Ltd, Auckland, NZ. February 2000 - November 2021

Chief Scientist

Research and development related to pedestrian traffic monitoring, zone population estimation, tracking across mulitple cameras. Developed applications for queue monitoring, queue prediction for checkout control, QSR drive-thru monitoring, electronic table games monitoring.

Industrial Research, Auckland, NZ. May 1993 - February 2000

Research Scientist, Computer Vision

Manager of 3D Vision Project, developing techniques for obtaining and interpreting information about object surface via vision. Wrote 21 scientific papers, and gave 15 conference presentations.

Project manager for commercial machine vision system development. Designed software architecture for systems.

System administrator (Linux, SunOS, WinNT). WWW Administrator. Member of IT committee responsible for company network planning.

Voice LINK Ltd, Auckland, NZ. Feb. 1993 - May 1993

Senior Programmer

Implemented Interactive Voice Response systems. Developed a robust serial communication protocol for inter-process communication and on-line database transactions. Programming in C and a 4GL on a Unix SVR4 system.

Applied Network Technology, Guildford, UK. Oct. 1992 - Dec. 1992

Senior Consultant

Designed a text-retrieval system comprising 7 UNIX servers (with "real-time" data feeds) and MS-Windows client applications on PCs, networked via NFS and TCP/IP. Included SNMP network management.

Retail Logic, Camberley, UK. May 1992 - Sept. 1992

C Programmer

Implemented SOLVE/SE, a real-time system for online credit/debit card transaction authorisation, for UNIX SVR3, AIX, SCO UNIX, and FlexOS systems. Wrote a curses based user interface. Coding to ISO C and POSIX standards. Developed an X.25 driver for APACS 30 comms with authorising systems.

BP Research Centre, Sunbury, UK. Sept. 1989 - March 1992

Research Engineer

Performed research in computer vision and control systems. Wrote 9 technical papers. Gave 2 conference presentations.

Coordinated and led the development of a generic image processing system. Programming in C for SunOS and MVME147/OS-9 systems with Datacube image processing accelerators. Included X-Windows display routines and Postscript hard-copy generators.

Performed field trials of a subsea video enhancement system, which included interviewing potential users for interface requirements.

Oxford University, Sept. 1987 - Sept. 1989

Research Assistant, Robotics Research Group

Member of team for the project: ACME Grant GR/E 42419 "A sensing autonomous guided vehicle for advanced manufacturing"

Developed a high speed vision processing engine based on Datacube image processing equipment and SunOS hosts. Programming in C. Supervised a laser range scanner subcontract at the National Engineering Laboratory, Glasgow.

Wrote 14 papers and gave 5 conference presentations.


Harvard University 1981-1985

PhD in Engineering, 1985. Computer vision and robotics. Relevant courses in control theory and automated manufacturing. Thesis - "Stochastically Based Vision Algorithms", supervisor - Prof R. W. Brockett.

S. M. in Engineering, 1983. William Georgetti Fellow.

Auckland University 1978 - 1981

Certificate of Proficiency in Advanced Control Theory, 1981. Project - "Advanced Control of Queues".

B. E. (Engineering Science) with First Class Honours, 1981. Courses in Control Theory, Operations Research and Engineering Design. Project - "Axisymmetric free boundary flow in porous media".


External Reviewer: Australian Research Council.
Phd/Masters Examiner: Auckland University, Canterbury University, University of Melbourne.
Phd/Masters Advisior: Auckland University.
Committee Member: International Conference on Computer Vision (1998), Image and Vision Computing New Zealand.
Reviewer: Optical Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence.

Computing Skills

Project Management, software design
Languages - C, C++, Tcl/Tk, Perl, SQL, JAVA, shell scripting
WWW programming - CGI programming, SQL databases.
System Administration - Linux, UNIX, SNMP network administration